Kalpakiou & Zitsis - Ilion
Tel: 2102389523


  • Digital Recording / Mixing

    We can record up to 24 tracks at once, limitless track total, with high end A/D converters & PYRAMIX 7-masscore virtual studio. Mixing is "In the box" or "Out the box" with Dangerous D-Box analog summing.

  • Mastering

    Software and hardware mastering options

  • Online Mixing/Mastering

    You send us your recorded files - we mix using our gear & send you back the stereo files (full mix, acapella, preferable versions, etc).

  • Musical Arrangements

    Only lyrics and chords is what we need and your song will be orchestrated depending on your needs.

  • Song Writing

    If you have no chords for your lyrics, we have the talent to create them for you. And if you only have a great voice, we have great lyricists on our side, too.

  • Rehearsal Rooms

  • Location Recordings

  • Video Montage

  • Title Effects

  • Video Format Conversions

  • Sound Designing